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Anime : Lycoris Recoil


©Spider Lily/アニプレックスABCアニメーションBS11
New anime started from Jul/2022.
Original anime set in Tokyo in the near future, the story follows the activities of a secret security force made up of girls.
The story has excellent visuals and gun action, a distinctive character setting, and a lot of foreshadowing from the beginning, making it a very worthwhile watch.
The story is based on a female buddy story, and the way the bond between the two main characters with contrasting personalities is gradually built up is also carefully described.
Cannot wait to see the following episodes.
Directed by Adachi Shingo("Sword Art Online":Character Design & Chief Animation Director), who is making his directorial debut, and produced by A-1 Pictures("Sword Art Online"), with voice casts Anzai Chika("Chaika The Coffin Princess": Chaika Trabant), Wakayama Shion("SSSS.DYNAZENON":Minami Yume), Koshimizu Ami("Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven":ANEMONE), Kuno Misaki("The Seven Deadly Sins":Hawk), Kawase Maki("Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear":Yuna), Koichi Makoto("Farewell, My Dear Cramer":Tsukuda Mao), Soumi Yoko("Fullmetal Archemist": Olivier Mira Armstrong), Ueda Yoji ("Ghost in the Shell Arise":Paz), Matsuoka Yoshitsugu("Sword Art Online":Kirito) and others.