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Anime : Parallel World Pharmacy

©2022 高山理図/MFブックス/「異世界薬局」製作委員会
New anime started from Jul/2022.
The story is about a man who went into pharmacy school for his sister who died of illness, and was reincarnated as a young boy in another world, where he uses his knowledge to save the world in which he was reincarnated.
The story is similar to the popular manga (and live-action drama) "Jin" but not in Japan but in a Western fantasy world, but while "Jin" cured syphilis with penicillin, this work depicts a man who is confronted with the White Death (tuberculosis) and Black Death (plague).
The character designs are excellent, the scenes of drug discovery and treatment are carefully depicted, and I was able to finish watching the film in no time. Total of 12 episodes.
Production : diomedéa inc.("The Squid Girl"), Director :  Kusakawa Keizo("Aho Girl":Executive Director), Composition/Screenplay :  Watari Wataru("My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected":Original Work & Screenplay),  Voice Casts : Toyosaki Aki("K-On!":Hirasawa Yui), Ueda Reina("Fruits Basket ":Soma Kisa), Hondo Kaede("Zombieland Saga":Minamoto Sakura), Ito Shizuka("A Certain Magical Index":Kanzaki Kaori), Naganawa Maria("Cells at Work! ":Platelet), Nomura Kenji("Golden Kamuy":Ushiyama Tatsuma) and others.
Very much looking forward to the 2nd season.