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Anime : In the Land of Leadale


©2021 Ceez, てんまそ/KADOKAWA/リアデイル製作委員会
A new anime starting in January 2022, based on a novel.
It's ISEKAI TENSEI (reincarnation to fantasy world) story, but the main character is reincarnated after dying in the real world due to a life support system failure. Then, the world she is reincarnated to is a place where a game she played a long time ago has passed 200 years on its own, which are a bit twisted setting.
However the overall tone is not at all of serial touch, but rather one of peace and idyllic daily life in the world.
The beautiful visuals and the deformed character portrayals inserted into the psychological changes make for a very well-balanced style.
This is a slow tempo ISEKAI TENSEI, and I hope the viewers enjoy it as much as I do.
Production: MAHO FILM CO., LTD.("The Man Picked up by the Gods"), Director: Yanase Yushi("The Man Picked up by the Gods":Director), Composition/Screenplay: Fudeyasu Kazuyuki ("That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime":Writer), Voice Actors: Yukimura Eri("The Magnificent Kotobuki":Emma), Ono Daisuke("JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE":Kujo Jotaro), Nazuka Kaori("Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN":Eureka), Sugita Tomokazu("Gintama ":Sakata Gintoki), Odagiri Yui("The Man Picked up by the Gods":Maria), Hirose Yuki("Hi Score Girl": Hidaka Koharu), Tadokoro Azusa("Uma Musume Pretty Derby":Symboli Rudolf), etc.