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Anime : AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline (season 2)

New anime started from Apr/2022.
This is the 2nd season of an original anime by the Namco Bandai Group, following on from the Oct-Dec/2021 season (13 episodes).
Although it is a robot story, it is a near-future science fiction set in Japan, which is in danger of being divided and occupied by foreign countries, and the intensifying conflict is more strongly portrayed in this 2nd season.
In the 2nd season, the viewer becomes accustomed to the unique robot forms and is able to immerse himself or herself in the deep story.
The production staffs and voice casts remain unchanged.

==detail from season 1=====
It is an original anime jointly produced by Bandai Namco Group (Bandai Spirits) and Sunrise (Sunrise Beyond), and elaborate plastic models will be developed alongside the anime.
The distinctive fuselage looks like a Gundam, but the lower body is like a horse or deer, reminiscent of the quadrupedal robots of Boston Dynamics of the U.S., and a glimpse into the planning stage of the modeling process is evident. The fact that Ken Okumura Design was involved in the mechanical design is also a sign of this. The work also has its own unique setting and worldview not found in other works, such as fighting alongside AI and Japan in the near future being ruled by world powers.
Original story/planning by SUNRISE BEYOND, directed by Habara Nobuyoshi("Fafner in the Azure":Director), composed by Kimura Noboru("Nyaruko: Crawling with Love" : Screenplay & Composition), and written by Kosuke Kurokawa (Crawling! Nyaruko-san: Composition/Screenplay), mechanical supervisor Okuyama Kiyoyuki(representative of Ken Okumura Design: designs GM, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, etc.), voice cacts Sato Gen("Dr.STONE":Chrome), Fujiwara Natsumi("GREAT PRETENDER":Abigail Jones), Uemura Yuto("Bungou Stray Dogs ":Nakajima Atsushi), Ishikawa Yui("Attack on Titan":Mikasa Ackermann), Ichinose Kana("Darling in the Franxx":Ichigo), Murata Taishi("BABY STEP":Maruo Eiichiro) and others.