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Anime : This Healer's A Handful


New anime started from Apr/2022.
Animated from a manga.
In a Dragon Quest - like world, it is a gag story about a healer who teases a weak adventurer. The story is mostly a conversation between the two, and it is almost like listening to a comic dialogue.
The male adventurer is voiced by Sato Takuya("Moriarty the Patriot":Albert James Moriarty) and the female healer is voiced by Onishi Aguri("Maesetsu!":Kitakaze Fubuki), and other voice casts are Tomari Asuna("Puzzle & Dragons":Akashi Taiga), Shirokuma Hiroshi("OVERLORD":Gazef Stronoff), Hayami Sho("Fate/Zero":Tosaka Tokiomi), Hayami  Saori("The Irregular at Magic High School":Shiba Miyuki), etc.