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Anime : Aoashi

New anime started from Apr/2022.
Animated from famous manga.
The storyline is based on Japanese soccer, but what is unique is that the story is focused on youth team.
The main character, who comes from a small island in Shikoku, joins the youth team and plays an active role in it.
The graphics are of course very detailed, and the game not only shows the techniques of the individual players, but also the tactics of the team as a whole, which gives you an idea of the depth of soccer.
Production: Production I.G.("GHOST IN THE SHELL"), Director: Sato Akira("RELEASE THE SPYCE":Director), Composition: Yokotani Masahiro("Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World":Composition). Regarding voice casts, new voice actor Osuzu Koki was selected as the main character, and the rest are Tachibana Tatsumaru("Kabukicho Sherlock":Kobayashi Torataro), Yamashita Seiichiro("Kabukicho Sherlock":James Moriarty), Yashiro Taku ("KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-" : Juouin Kakeru), Horie Shun("Juuni Taisen":Nezumi), Enoki Junya("Jujutsu Kaisen":Itadori Yuji), Kobayashi Chikahiro("Golden Kamuy":Sugimoto Saichi), Kawase Maki("Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear":Yuna), Takeuchi Shunsuke("FROZEN 2":Olaf), Umehara Yuichiro("Legend of the Galactic Heroes-Die Neue These":Siegfried Kircheis), Komatsu Mikako("EDENS ZERO":Rebecca Bluegarden), Okitsu Kazuyuki("Fire Force":Karim Flam) and others.