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New anime started in Oct/2021.


©「サクガン」製作委員会/SAKUGAN Project

The anime is based on a novel, and the original work was born from the novel submission project "Project Anima".
As the title "SAKUGAN = Rock Excavation" suggests, SEKAIKAN is "If there is no road, dig it! If there is no way, dig it up!"
It's little similar to "Gurren Lagann".
The story depicts human beings living in an underground world, battling with foreign enemies, and adventurers searching for a new world. It reminds me of "Made in Abyss" in terms of the underground world, but the machines and other civilizations are more advanced than that.
Despite the pun-like title, the mecha action scenes are superb, with concept design by Kawamori Shoji for the foreign enemy Kaiju, and a powerful theme song by Endo Masaaki.
Produced by SATELIGHT Inc.("MACROSS Frontier"), directed by Wada Junichi("Caligula":Director), scenario by Nagai Shingo("Uma Musume Prerry Derby Season 2":Screenplay), Mochizuki Mariko("Somali and the Forest Spirit":Screenplay & Composition), Nemoto Toshizo("Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans":Screenplay), voice actors are Amane Kanon, Tochi Hiroki("FAIRY TAIL":Panther Lily), Hanazawa Kana("Bakemonogatari":Sengoku Nadeko), Toyonaga Toshiyuki("Yuri!!! on ICE":Yuuri Katsuki), Hosoya Yoshimasa("Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans":Orga Itsuka), Kamiya Hiroshi("Bakemonogatari":Araragi Koyomi), Tsuda Minami("YuruYuri":Funami Yui), Midorikawa Hikaru("SLAM DUNK":Rukawa Kaede)u, and others.
I watched the first 2 episodes and found them to be quite dramatic, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the main characters and their son.