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Anime : Komi Can't Communicate

A new anime from Oct/2021.
Animated from manga, which was also made into a TV drama prior to this.
As the title suggests, it is a romantic comedy about the love affair between a beautiful high school girl with an extreme communication disability and an average honest high school boy.
In the 1st episode, there are homage scenes to Detective Conan, Mega Man, and Dragon Quest.
However, in terms of content, it can be seen as a kind of royal romantic comedy.
The silent drama (written conversation) scene between the main character and a high school boy in the 1st episode is excellent. I can't wait to see more scenes like this in the future.
Production: OLM ("Pokemon"), General Director: Watanabe Ayumu("Space Brothers": Director), Director: Kawagoe Kazuki, Production Designer: Akao Deko("Snow White with the Red Hair":Composition), Voice Actors: Koga Aoi ("Kaguya-sama: Love is War":Shinomiya Kaguya), Kajiwara Gakuto("Black Clover":Asta), Murakawa Rie("Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World":Ram), Hidaka Rina("That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime":Milim), Okubo Rumi("YuruYuri":Yoshikawa Chinatsu), Fujii Yukiyo("GeGeGe no Kitaro":Inuyama Mana), Uchida Maaya("The Promised Neverland":Norman), Hidaka Noriko("Touch": Asakura Minami), etc.